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Curriculum and teaching that engages

Waikato Diocesan School's range of subjects and challenging educational experiences are designed to meet and extend the needs of students. At Dio we see school as a place to seek and build knowledge, explore new ideas and work to achieve the highest possible standards. Dio students perform admirably when compared with national averages and across all year levels. While such national bench-marking is important, our primary goal is to challenge each student to achieve at the highest level of which she is capable.

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Field trips, visiting speakers, national and international competitions, access to technology and e-learning, and excellent teaching resources all enhance the learning experiences of our girls. Every opportunity is taken to give students real-world experiences and hands-on tasks as part of their learning.

Staff expect all students to extend themselves to reach their full potential, in an environment of healthy challenges.

The learning needs of gifted and talented students are accounted for in personalised advanced learning programmes, and elite senior academic students are invited to join the Scholars mentoring programme.

Our Learning Support Team, whose role is to meet the remedial learning needs, especially in literacy and numeracy, support the learning extension needs of individual students.

At each level girls are mentored through course selection, goal setting, learning needs, time management and study skills.

All students follow a programme of religious studies and physical education and health as these elements are at the core of educating the whole student at Waikato Diocesan School for Girls.

Subjects Offered

Visual Art
Research Skills
Tikanga Māori
Social Studies
Design & Visual Communications
Food Technology
Base 9
Fashion & Design
Te Reo Māori
Business Studies
Classical Studies
Media Studies
Religious Education
Foundation Science

Careers Support


Dio students are supported to develop the capability to self-manage their life and learning in order to successfully transition from school to further learning and work.

The Careers Room (open to all year levels) has a comprehensive range of university course booklets, polytechnic prospectuses, and directories containing information about all courses available in New Zealand. University and polytechnic liaison officers visit the school to give general course advice and students are encouraged to attend their open days, careers events and information evenings.

Years 9 and 10 have two career sessions per form class where they start to look at their personal qualities, their interests, subject strengths and where they might best fit in society and the workforce. Years 12 and 13 are timetabled for sessions in life skills where they are helped to prepare and develop strategies in their career research and pathways planning.


Secondary Tertiary Alignment Resource (STAR)


The STAR is funding provided to all state secondary schools to help students decide what they want to do when they leave school. This gives students access to a wide range of courses, which motivate them to achieve and help them to make informed decisions about their future.

There are many opportunities available to Dio students, ranging from one-day short courses through to university papers designed to challenge senior students academically in preparation for future learning.

Wintec short courses are offered to students in years 10-13 with the opportunity to try up to three courses during the year.




We value international education opportunities and we encourage our students to embrace the chance to experience living and learning in different countries. Such experiences serve to develop the individual and foster an environment of understanding and tolerance in a global society.      

By building relationships between ‘sister’ schools across the world, Waikato Diocesan School ensures that our students are able to build on the values and academic rigour of our own school, while also enjoying many new experiences. Sustained relationships with these schools build a sense of tradition as our students become increasingly familiar with what each exchange school is like.

Hosting exchange students at Waikato Diocesan School adds an international dimension to classes, sports and cultural teams, peer groups and families. Life-long friends are made, and a greater sense of cultural understanding and appreciation is developed.


Outdoor Education


At Waikato Diocesan we aim to develop balanced young women who are empowered to meet their full potential and we provide a wide variety of learning experiences to achieve this. Our outdoor education camps provide the opportunity for girls to push themselves beyond their comfort zones in a controlled environment. Together they learn to manage risk responsibly, while challenging themselves physically. In doing so their confidence and self-esteem is enhanced and their relationships with their peers are strengthened. Teamwork, group interaction and basic outdoor skills are woven into the programmes.

We strongly believe that the environment, the culture and the history of the places we visit are essential to our sense of identity as New Zealanders and our place as citizens and custodians of the land. This is a theme that is woven throughout our camp programme from years 9 to 12.

To ensure that the experiences are challenging and that safety is paramount the school uses specialist and experienced outdoor education providers Big Foot Adventures with a low student/instructor ratio to lead the students on all activities and manage the camps. Dio staff accompany the students for pastoral support and to provide assistance with some of the camp activities.  We also consult and work with guidelines worked out by the Mountain Safety Council and other independent organisations.